The 2016 election has left many Americans feeling fearful, emotional and at a loss for words. Many people have been left scared after Trump scooped up the White House with an electoral college win followed by a republican win of the House of Representatives and the Senate. In the eyes of many, hate won. Cementing the fears in our hearts are the threats of ultra-conservative appointments to the Supreme Court of the United States.

What is left? Do we have checks and balances in our government anymore? 

What we need for everyone–especially for residents in Louisiana–to know is that not all hope is lost. Thanks to the December 10th runoff election for the open Senate seat in Louisiana, there is still hope. We have one big fight left in us and that is
a fight for the difference between 52 – 48 seats in the Senate or 51 – 49 seats.  We need all progressive thinkers, including independents, democrats, liberals and open-minded Americans who want to put a stop to Donald Trump’s insanity to vote for Democrat Foster Campbell in the Louisiana Senate election.

Why does one seat make a difference?

fostercampbel-_1If Democrats win this seat, we will only need to win 2 more seats in 2018 and hold onto all current seats to flip the Senate. That is huge and means in two years we will be able to put up huge hurdles for Donald Trump and Mike Pence, as well as the Republican Party, as they try to enact reductive legislation that will only move our country backwards. 

One seat in the Senate could make the difference in preventing Trump from passing a lot of his hateful and discriminatory proposals he had touted throughout the campaign and since the end of the election. We would be better able to protect women’s rights, the LGBTQ community, minorities and many others.

51 votes is all it takes to make up a simple majority in the senate. A simple majority is all Trump needs to get a confirmation for a Supreme Court nomination. It’s much easier to sway one or two sensible individuals than it is to sway three or four into denying his nominations. The less roadblocks we have between us and progress, the more likelihood for progress we will have.

fostercampbell_2This one seat will make a difference because it means electing a man, Campbell, who will serve as a  “voice for the people, not the powerful.” Those are his own words and we personally believe him.

Now that we know Trump is pushing to put a White Nationalist like Steve Bannon in the White House as a Chief Strategist, it is our duty as Americans to put as many road blocks in his way as possible. That includes putting one more Democrat in the Senate. 

Get out the vote in Louisiana. Tell your friends, family and neighbors in the state to vote on December 10th. Pick up the phone, Tweet, post on Facebook and knock on doors. This is our chance to show that we will never quit fighting for what’s right.